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We are a leading Wholesale Trader of hepasky medicine, immuncia medicine, obesnia medicines and vedartho medicines from New Delhi, India.

Hepasky Medicine

Hepasky Medicine
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Approx. Rs 1,600 / Bottle
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Product Details:
Packaging Size60 Tablets
Packaging TypeBottle
Shelf life24 Months
Usage/ApplicationSafety For Hepatic health
Country of OriginMade in India


capparis spinosa, solanum nigrum, cichorium intybus,terminalia arjuna,

casia occidentalis, achillea millefolium ,tamarix articulata

combines scientifically tested , safe natural ingredients

the increasing use of herbal medicines reflects their perceived effectiveness and safety in the treatment and prevention of liver diseases *jpccr 2014;8(2):55–60


capparis spinosa

contains stachydrine, rutic acid & a volatile substance. is bitter, aperient,

diuretic & expectorant. given in splenic, renal and hepatic complaints

solanum nigrum

contains potential antiviral agents against hepatitis c virus, supports

interferon therapy for better treatment of chronic hcv. * virol j. 2011; 8: 26

cichorium intybus

acclaimed hepatoprotective, used in hepatic enlargement, fever, vomiting &

abdominal pain, extends cholagogue and anti-inflammatory properties

terminalia arjuna

exhibits antioxidant activity through correction of oxidative stress, produces

significant reduction in lipid peroxidation and undertakes liver detoxification

casia occidentalis

liver detoxifier, hepato-tonic, purgative. helps normalize the increased enzyme

levels after liver damage


60 tablet

achillea millefolium

used against gastrointestinal and hepato-biliary disorders in traditional european

medicine, extends choleretic effects * phytomedicine. 2006 nov;13(9-10):702-6.

tamarix articulata

a potent chemopreventive agent, suppresses hepatic oxidative stress, toxicity, &

tumor promotion response

against present or future risks of fibrosis

cirrhosis chronic liver disease portal hypertension

alcoholic liver disease non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

hepasky for safe hepatic health

extends potent antiviral activity * virol j. 2011; 8: 26

regulates levels of liver enzymes and optimizes liver function

(by rapid elimination of acetaldehyde, the toxic intermediate metabolite of alcohol metabolism)

neutralizes all kind of toxins and poisons from food, water, air, and medications

(ensures protection from alcohol-induced hepatic damage)

diminishes lipotropic activity in chronic alcoholism

prevents fatty infiltration l(civheecrk s against fatty liver disease)

also in diseases requiring prolonged medication

hepatitis malnutrition

infectious diseases


liver protection, cleansing liver rejuvenation

liver detoxification

best for a regular health conscious individual for liver support

(a daily dose improves appetite, digestion

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Immuncia Medicine

Immuncia Medicine
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Approx. Rs 1,294 / Bottle
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Product Details:
Packaging Type60 Tablets

Balances Tridosha Of Vat, Pit And Kapha
The Dosha Experts
Anantmool, Abhrak Bhasma And Chirayata- Used In The Treatment Of
Digestive Impairment, Malabsorption Syndrome, Disease Due To Kapha Dosha,
Asthma, Bronchitis, Fever, Bleeding Disorders, Cough, Cold, Urinary Disorders,
Diabetes, Anaemia, Skin Diseases, Splenic Disorders, Ascites, Helminthiasis, Etc.,
Usefu Anti-aging Treatment, Anti Hairfall Treatment, Male And Female Infertility
Treatment, Rejuvenation Treatment.
The Symptom Resolvers
Dalchini, Guduchi, Haldi, Kulanjan, Kalmegh, Manjishtha,
Pipali, Tulsi -- Extend Protection Against And Support Treatment Of Malarial
Fever, Dengue. Exert Anti Microbial Action By Disruption Of Bacterial Cell Membrane
Of The Pathogenic Bacteria . Extend Anti-oxidant, Anti-hyperglycemic,
Antihyperlipidemic, Hepatoprotective, Cardiovascular Protective, Neuroprotective,
Osteoprotective, Radioprotective, Anti-anxiety, Adaptogenic Agent, Analgesic,
Anti-inflammatory, Antipyretic, A Thrombolytic Effects, Anti-diarrheal, Anti-ulcer
Activity, Anti-microbial And Anti-cancer Values. Also Potential In Treating
Endocrine And Metabolic Disorders And As Immune Booster. --- Recent Pat Endocr
Metab Immune Drug "a Potent Anti-proliferative Activity, For Use In Drug-eluting Stents In Treatment Of Vascular Disease"
The Rich Source Of Micronutrients
Guduchi, Haldi, Marich, Sahjan, Tulsi - Rich Source Of Easy Uptake
Micronutrient Viz; Copper, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Zinc And Manganese,
Nitrogen, Potassium, Cromium, Nickel, Sulphar, Sodium, High Level Of Ascorbic Acid,
Flavonoid , As Well As Linolenic Acid, Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid And Total
Carbohydrate, And Total Protein *american Journal Of Food Science And Technology Vol. 4, No. 2, 2016, Pp 52-57. Doi: 10.12691

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  • Delivery Time: 5 To 10 Days
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Obesnia Medicines

Obesnia Medicines
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Approx. Rs 1,258 / Bottle
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Product Details:
Packaging Type60 Tablets

extends the "lasting" natural solution and support

triphala- combination of three fruits amalaki, bibhitaki, and haritaki. aids

in function of the digestive system, supports other systems ,is a powerful

antioxidant, extends detoxification. different benefits of each of the fruits

when combined, help in weight loss. the promotion of weight loss comes in

several forms like decreasing the appetite or helping to absorb nutrients.

gurmar (gymnema sylvestre)- contains gymnemic acid , has anti-obesity

and antidiabetic properties, decreases body weight and also inhibits glucose

absorption. several components extracted from gymnema prevent

accumulation of triglycerides in muscle and liver, and also decrease fatty acid

accumulation in the circulation *j sci food agric. 2014 mar 30;94(5):834-40.

trikatu ( piper lomgum)- contains piperine, possesses potential fat reducing

and lipid lowering effects

markandi (casia angustifolia)- checks constipation, improves digestion

green tea ( cammelia sinensis)- extends antiobesity effect on fat metabolism

by reducing food intake, interrupting lipid emulsification and absorption,

suppressing adipogenesis and lipid synthesis and increasing energy expenditure

via thermogenesis, fat oxidation and fecal lipid excretion

vrikhamla ( garcinia combogia)- fruit of the malabar tamarind and is grown

primarily across southwest india, contains hydroxycitric acid that causes a decrease

in appetite. it also has the ability to decrease the production of fat from sugar

sudh gugul (commimphora mukul)- has anti hyperlipidemic, anti oxidant, anti

inflammatory property, also acts as drug delivery medium and helps in transportation

of anti obesity agent to target site and performing their action when used with other

anti obesity drugs. conclusion: guggul is right choice in management of new world

syndrome (obesity) and probably acting by different pharmacological properties.

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  • Delivery Time: 5 To 10 Days
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Vedartho Medicines

Vedartho Medicines
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Approx. Rs 675 / Bottle
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Product Details:
Packaging Type30 Tablets


Pluchea lanceolata, alum sativum, withania somnifera, Moringa pterygosperma, Curcuma longa, zingiber officinale, Boswellia serrata, Foeniculum Vulgare

Contains The Relievers

Pluchea lanceolata- the Medicinal Orchids of Asia, Checks Pains and Inflammations and Progression of Immunomodulating Inflammatory Disease

Anti-inflammatory, anti oedemic, Antioxidant, Immunomodulatory and antinociceptive activities

The Bone Protectors

Curcuma longa --- Contains Curcuminoids 

Extends protection against osteoporosis


Allum sativum- Prevents Abnormal Bone Loss due to

Dysfunction, Disease, Old age or Ovariectomy in case of Females

Extends a positive role in suppressing ovariectomy-induced bone resorption

The Healers

Foeniculum Vulgare- Inhibits Bone Resorption, Prevents Bone Loss, Encourages Bone Formation

Extends Potent inhibitory effects on osteoclast differentiation and bone resorption, Prevents Bone Loss, Encourages Bone Formation

Extends Potent inhibitory effect on osteoclast differentiation and bone resorption

Zingiber officinale- Extends Enhancement of fracture Healing

Augments inducible nitric oxide synthase expression and stimulate inducible nitric oxide synthase

Boswellia serrata- Contains Strongs Anti- inflammatory Boswellic acid. Also Extends Potential Anabolic Effect

The anti-inflammatory actions of BAs are caused by different mechanisms of action.

They include inhibition of leukotriene synthesis and to a less extend prostaglandin synthesis


The Rejuvenators

Withania somnifera--- Improves Calcium Retention, Bone Calcification and Mechanical Properties with NO Adverse Effects on Performance

Improve – Bone mineralization - Strength and - Histological characteristics


Moringa pterygosperma – Checks Hypercholesterolemia, Hyperglycemia and thus the Degenerative Bone Disease

Safe - NIL hepatonephro – toxicity , no abnormal haematology result”


-Degenerative Bone Disease -Arthritis -Osteoporosis -Fractures/Dislocations

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  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer),Other
  • Delivery Time: 5 To 10 Days
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